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Lindsay Hess- ERYT-200, YACEP


I am Lindsay ---- A Somatic Practitioner, helping to guide our community towards nervous system regulation through mind and body connected practices.
I integrate Yoga, Sound Healing, Somatic Breathwork, Lifestyle Coaching and Mentorship into the passionate services I offer to this world. 

Here it is a safe space for you to walk to the edge of the comfort zone.
The life you DESIRE is right on the other side.---
Let go of old patterns and perceptions, and begin to cultivate a life of BALANCE and ALIGNMENT. I am here to support your journey towards a new relationship with your physical, mental and emotional body. Shed old habits as you walk towards the HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE. Whether you are seeking physical movement, stillness of mind, mentorship, or community, I am here with you,
one breath at a time.
May this container be a safe space for you to feel held, nourished and accepted, as you step into your power, take back your life, and REVIVE YOU!


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