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This 10 week Yoga Teacher Mentorship

will help you find answers, grow your skills, move past your limiting beliefs and step into leadership on and off of the mat. 

  • Are you already a Yoga Teacher that wants to grow your talents and your business?

  • Are you ready to find your own teaching style or niche?

  • Have you finished a Yoga Teacher Training but still feel like you're not quite ready to teach?

  • Are you considering going to a Yoga Teacher Training but not sure if its right for you?

I'm here to help!

What we'll cover: 

Yoga Teacher

Holding Sacred Space

How to prepare you and your students for class and maintain healthy boundaries as a teacher

Image by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav)

Share Your Talents

Find your niche, step on the mat and guide students from your heart

Image by Zen Bear Yoga

The Art of Sequencing

Learn how to create class sequences with ease

Yoga Class

Grow Your Business

Learn how to grow your business and be able to quit your 9-5. 

Enjoying Nature

Moving Past Limiting Beliefs

Understand the parts of you that are holding you back and how to move forward

Studying at Home

Continued Learning

Full length classes included

Additional Special Topics

Guided Meditations

10 Yoga Alliance approved CEUs for RYTs

Program Set Up:

  • 5 one-on-one virtual sessions with Lindsay 

  • 10 weeks of Voxer Coaching (voice chat/texting) with Lindsay

  • Lifetime access to the entire program online (and any new content added)

  • Access to the RISE community group with other Yoga Mentees

  • 30 Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Credits (RYT only)

During the program, you will have 2 weeks to move through each module. The first week of each module will be time to go through the course content material online. The second week is when you will have your 1:1 coaching call with Lindsay. The Continued Learning section can be done at your own pace during or after the 10-week program is complete.

This program can be done entirely at your own pace if you would like, however, one on one calls must be completed within 90 days of starting the program, and Voxer access starts from the date of enrollment. 

Self Investment: $575

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Lindsay Hess

Yoga & Ayurvedic Teacher -- YTT Facilitator -- Holistic Lifestyle Coach --

Retreat Facilitator -- Somatic Practitioner

Welcome to RISE! 

I created this program to help new and aspiring teachers find their style and confidence as a teacher. Not sure if you want to be a yoga teacher and are considering yoga teacher training? This is for you too. 

Before I even graduated from YTT I had my LLC and business name established. My teachers told me how saturated the teaching market is and said we should expect to be "at the bottom of the totem pole" for a while as a new teacher. That we would basically have to beg to get on a sub list at a studio. I wasn't buying it. So I found another way. 

I started my business by renting a space in an apartment above an art studio three times a week. I remember sitting there class after class where nobody would show up thinking to myself, "Someday I'm gonna remember all these times I showed up and nobody came. Someday this will be a memory and things will be different." I was too scared to get on Google, because, what if people actually showed up? What if so many people showed up I had to turn them away? Funny right? As I sit there day after day with no show classes.

I even thought clients would flood in off of one Instagram post. Guess what?

I was holding myself back. What I did get from that art studio though, was my first regular student. 

Less than two years later, I had upgraded my space twice, partnered with another female entrepreneur in town, got my self on Google😉, started my own studio, began teaching yoga trainees, and eventually had sold out classes. Now, I teach my community classes at a studio in Fort Collins, while I continue to develop a private practice in Somatics, Lifestyle Coaching, and grow an online platform (so I can someday do this all while I travel). I learned a LOT of things the hard way. Made U-turns, went in reverse, which sometimes just felt like going in circles. And I'd do it all over again.


I put together this program so you don't have to learn everything the hard way. And for the lessons that will be hard (because ultimately there is always a few), Im here, in your back pocket, as we navigate the journey together, one breath at a time. 

Step on the mat, share your gifts with the world, tell your story, and RISE! ✨

And when you get scared and doubt yourself again?

Im right behind you. 

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