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Next in person Breathwork event:

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Are you looking to support yourself during the seasonal transition?

Do you feel a desire to RELEASE STUCK ENERGY, old patterns, or ways of thinking? Are you ready to MAKE ROOM in your life? Is it time to set aside old programming so you can access JOY and ABUNDANCE?


Somatic Breathwork is a safe and supported space for you to listen, feel and become present within your body. Unprocessed stress and emotions live within our body tissues until we can find a safe place to release them. 


This is a space to experience how your breath is a tool to completely transform your life. An opportunity to get out of the mind, and into the soma. Let go of the old narratives that are in your way, and access the power within you. 


Somatic Breathwork pairs guided circular breath techniques with rhythmic vibrational music to assist in a somatic release. This release may create movement of expression as the body explores stuck emotions. 


During this breathwork ceremony, Lindsay will guide you through a breathwork journey and bring you out with a soothing sound meditation. Afterwards, there will be time for integration and connection within this intimate container for sharing and support.


Come with an open mind and open heart. 

The next version of you, may only be one breath away.  


Self investment: $65

*Please note that there are contraindications for Somatic Breathwork. It is mandatory that you sign the Breathwork waiver before enrolling, here

If you'd like to bring other items for your comfort you are welcome to. A journal is recommended. 

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