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A conscious woman's membership community and weekly mentorship portal

Connect To SELF

Connect To EARTH

Connect To LOVE


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a series of regularly repeated acts that embody the beliefs of a group of people and create a sense of continuity and belonging.

Move through life with a sense of ease and purpose. Live a life that is in alignment with your values. Feel unparalleled confidence and contentment with who you are. Attract people, experiences and opportunities you've been dreaming about.

Ritual is a membership portal created to help women deepen their connection to self, earth, and others, break patterns and unhealthy habits, heal their minds and bodies, and reconnect to their true selves, so they find the fulfillment they've been dreaming of.

With a powerful tribe of like-minded women rooting for you every step of the way.

What is RITUAL?

A conscious lifestyle community for women who desire to:


with holistic tools and resources


Next month sneak peak:


+ guest speakers, oracle card readings, yoga classes AND more!

Manifestation March includes MANIFEST MINDSET (value $399)

A conscious membership community for courageous women

Tend to not follow-through on lifestyle changes yet constantly seeking change in your body or environment?

Are you always "too busy", "too tired", "too broke"?

Do you find yourself in seasons of burnout and living on autopilot with a lack of creativity or inspiration? 

Wish you were someone who could get into a "better routine"?

Do you get inspired by gardening, herbalism, and nature?

Are you ready to leave the Earth better than you found it?

Do you want to learn how to live more sustainably?


Do you feel lost and disconnected from others?

Hiding parts of yourself because you feel a sense of shame?

Unfulfilled in personal relationships and friendships?

Ritual was created for you.

What makes Ritual unique is that all the women in the community are treading similar paths, are courageously choosing to heal, and finding purpose and fulfillment through this journey together.

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What's Included:






  • Move through life with a sense of ease, purpose, and in alignment to your values.

  • Repair your nervous system and increase your capacity-- NO MORE BURNOUT!

  • Feel confident and content with who you are.

  • Support your body and mind through seasonal shifts & overcome seasonal depression.

  • Use holistic practices like yoga, meditation, breathwork, herbalism and ayurveda to support.

  • Experience a greater connection to yourself, plants, animals, and the cosmos.

  • Love the people in your life in the ways they receive love.

  • Set boundaries for fulfilling relationships.

  • Find conscious partnership with a lifelong partner.


a tribe who...

  • Forms a life around authenticity

  • Lets go of shame and embodies self-acceptance 

  • Dives deeper into understanding the mind and body connection

  • Implements holistic health practices into their daily life

  • Lives in connection to nature and navigates the seasons with ease

  • Heals old wounds and works through triggers

  • Sets healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Calls in conscious partnership

  • Manifests a life filled with joy and love 

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Membership Investment

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • Access to the entire RITUAL online Toolbox
    • The monthly RITUAL journal e-book
    • Access to the RITUAL community thread
    • New Live Programs Every Month
  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    • Access to the entire RITUAL online Toolbox
    • The monthly RITUAL journal e-book
    • Access to the RITUAL community thread
    • New live programs every month
    • Two bi-yearly 1:1 coaching calls with Lindsay (60 minutes)
    • A spot in the WL virtual book club
    • EXCLUSIVE retreat pricing

Sea Shore

Join Now!

Join your tribe of women, heal your mind and body and find the authentic you through and within!

This program is truly transformative. It takes you to the doorway of finding yourself, you just have to walk through it. Lindsay helps introduce you to so much new information and still leaves room to explore so much more. I highly recommend this class for everyone wanting to get to know themselves better.

- Bonnie


About Your Guide

I'm Lindsay, a Colorado native, born and raised, originally from Littleton, Colorado. I've spent most of my time living along the Colorado front range, intermixed with long bouts living nomadically out of a backpack, halfway around the world. In 2016, grief rooted me back to my home state, where I spent the next few years focused on self growth and personal transformation.

In 2018, I created WanderLotus.

This space was created as a place to share my offerings to the greater community. A place where I could merge mental health and the holistic lifestyle into a safe container.

My world travels humbled me, and showed me that there was another way to live this life. There is something out there, besides deadlines, people pleasing, and fitting into the societal mold. So I was determined to come home and disrupt the Western mindset. To help bring our people back. Back to our bodies, back to our breath, back to Mother Nature. My studies and my teachings reflect a blend of Eastern Philosophy, Earth Medicine and Shamanic practices.

I bring transformation to my clients by bringing yoga, Ayurveda, lifestyle coaching, travel, nature and community together. I want to help others feel good in their mind, body and soul.

So, I invite you to hold space with me.

Here you are safe to be authentically you and show up just as you are. I will hold a safe space to brings you to the edge of your comfort zone, so you can get out of your own way, and create the life you've been dreaming about.

Together, let us walk through the darkness and into the light.

My light honors your light.


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