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A trauma-informed, self empowered sanctuary for those seeking personal freedom 

Yoga, Retreats, Breathwork, Lifestyle Mentorship and more

A safe place for healing

Whether you're already a self-exploring practitioner or an inquisitive newbie. You are a self-aware dreamer aspiring to feel confident, aligned and liberated. Wanderlotus® is a community-focused, meet-you-where-you're-at sanctuary designed to empower you to make the sustainable lifestyle changes you've been craving.


Here, you are invited to share your whole self with the support of fellow conscious community members standing by your side. Together we “do the work.”


Welcome, I'm Lindsay

A Somatic Practitioner, helping to guide our community towards nervous system regulation through mind and body connected practices. I integrate Yoga, Sound Healing, Somatic Breathwork, Lifestyle Coaching and Mentorship into my unique offerings. I am here to support your journey towards a new relationship with your physical, mental and emotional body. It's time to shed old habits as you walk towards the holistic lifestyle.


Whether you are seeking physical movement, stillness of mind, mentorship, or community, I am here with you, one breath at a time. May this safe space be where you feel held, nourished and accepted, as you step into your power, take back your life, and revive YOU!


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Immerse yourself in nature, connect with other strong humans, and find solace in mind and body practices. Wanderlotus® Retreats are sacred opportunities for great healing and self-exploration in the most magical places on earth!



Take your practices & learnings further with our signature programs designed to help you build sustainable lifestyle practices, deepen your connections to self, earth, and love and grow with a like-minded community.

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Community Classes

Join me in-person in Northern Colorado for special community classes, workshops, and trainings. Think sacred sound baths, somatic breathwork experiences, yoga classes and more!

Uncover your unique composition

For balancing life, health, relationships, stress, and more

Uncover how the elements of nature work together to comprise your mental, emotional and physical bodies. These unique Ayurveda insights (called doshas) play a role in your personality, attitude towards life, how you manage stress, how well you digest food, and other day-to-day and seasonal adaptations! Tap into the knowledge of your unique dosha so you can find more balance and harmony in your everyday life.


"This program is truly transformative. It takes you to the doorway of finding yourself, you just have to walk through it. Lindsay helps introduce you to so much new information and still leaves room to explore so much more. I highly recommend this class for everyone wanting to get to know themselves better."

- Bonnie (Ritual membership)

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