About Us

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At Wanderlotus Yoga and Wellness, our mission is to share the yogic lifestyle with individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are seeking physical movement, community, spiritual connection, or mental wellness, we provide a safe, sacred space for students to explore the capabilities of body and mind through yoga, meditation and mentorship. 

Lindsay is the founder of Wanderlotus Yoga and Wellness LLC. She is inspired by working with women of all ages and youth to find peace and healing within body, mind and spirit. She is passionate about holistic health and healing and hopes to share her knowledge and teachings with women looking to do deep inner work on themselves and within their body. Her focus with her yoga and meditation teachings have been focused on working with those overcoming anxiety, depression and trauma. Through yoga, meditation and herbalism she hopes to help bring balance to the physical and mental bodies of women.

In 2018 Lindsay founded Wanderlotus Yoga and Wellness, a platform, to share her yoga and meditation teachings to the greater community. She incorporates a trauma aware approach in her teachings. Lindsay is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and is a co-facilitator for a 200 hour teacher training at through Holistic Yoga School. Currently, she is also studying to become a certified clinical herbalist and aromatherapist. Lindsay incorporates elements of yoga, herbalism, coaching and life experience into holding a safe and sacred space for healing.