Local Colorado Artists 

We are always looking for more artists to feature! Please contact us for more info. 

Matthew Fredricey


"Matthew Fredricey is a Colorado based artist who is dedicated to the transformation of consciousness through the healing power of art. His art philosophy is that everything is connected; all is alive; and humanity is divine. " 


Matthew's pieces for sale in our studio​:

*ORIGINAL PIECE* (large canvas)- Awakening

Acrylic on canvas, 2015

*ORIGINAL PIECE* (large canvas)- Daydream of an Angel

Oil on canvas

Large canvas print- The Dream of Separation


Small canvas print- Mysterious Pyramid of the Heart


Small canvas print- The Pulse of Evolution


Assorted Small Prints- $20/piece:

Ellen Ehrhardt


Nature inspires Ellen's art. She loves to create artwork that reflects her passion for rural landscapes, color and shapes. She is able to achieve this through alcohol ink, metallic ink and, at times, fluid acrylic.


Although, at times representational, She is mostly interested in a loose free canvas with daring color choices.


Her approach will vary depending on the subject matter and feelings that are evoked, but she is always striving for brighter,  bolder colors and shapes.

Ellen's pieces for sale in our studio​:

Alcohol Ink/Resin on wood frame- Tumbling


Alcohol Ink on wood frame- Split Decision


Alcohol Ink- Bloom


Alcohol Ink on canvas- Blue Horizon