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What we cover: 

Yoga by the Sea

TheYogic Lifestyle



Medicinal Herb

Earth Medicine



Image by Liv Bruce

Generational Healing



-Yoga & Meditation

-Ayurvedic Lifestyle





-The Medicine Wheel

-The 4 Perceptions

-Elemental Nature 

-Somatic Awareness

-Astral Connections

-Setting Boundaries

-Attachment Styles

This program is for you if:

  • You want more structure and routine

  • You need help getting motivated

  • You are ready to live a happier, healthier life

  • You have been told you should try Yoga or Meditation

  • You want to transition more easily through seasonal change

  • You are considering a yoga teacher training

  • You have grieved the loss of a parent or child

  • You want to repair or find closure in family relationships

  • You want a greater connection to Nature

  • You want to learn more about how plants can aid in healing

  • You desire a deeper connection with other women

  • You would like support and community through winter months

HL Immersion (1).png

Lindsay Hess

Yoga Teacher -- Holistic Lifestyle Mentor & Coach -- Retreat Leader

Ayurvedic Teacher --  Somatic Facilitator

Lindsay committed to her yoga journey soon after the sudden loss of her mother in 2016. As she began down this path of healing, she realized that this journey was going to be much more than finding movement, but a journey towards finding herself. Having lost a mother at a young age there were many questions that would go unanswered. She would need to find closure to them herself. Lindsay spent the years since, re-mothering herself, tending to her inner child, and finding a deeper connection to the world. She is passionate about helping other women find a holistic lifestyle and tend to the deep wounds that impact our feminine culture today. 

"After the loss of my Mom, I went through the ultimate identity crisis. At first I was completely numb and not processing anything, until one day I decided I needed to face this trauma and grief myself. It took me a year and a half later but I eventually did. Yoga saved my life. It helped me heal, accept and move forward. As my healing journey went deeper, I realized I had never had the structure and routine I needed in my life-- as a child this was never modeled for me. As I got older there were a lot of lifestyle changes I wanted to make, but just didn't know how. Sure-- I had found a weekly yoga practice, but I wanted to be better. I wanted to find and stick to better eating habits, a better understanding of my body, move past my triggers and find fulfilling relationships, and work through generational trauma that had been passed down my lineage and was stuck inside of me. I am the cycle breaker. I am devoted to reaching greater depths in my own healing, so I may serve as a guide for those ready to embark on theirs."

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