Women in Community

All Hands In

September Circle:
Holding Space

September 12th

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Join other women in our community as we come together to move, connect, and discuss the idea of "Holding Space"

What does it mean to hold space?
How do we hold space for ourselves?
How do we hold space for our relationships with others?
How do we hold space for someone, even if we struggle with certain aspects within that relationship?
How can understanding what it means to hold space, positively impact the relationship we have with ourselves and with others?

Circle Itinerary:
2-3pm - Gentle Yoga Class
3-3:30pm - Meet & Greet
3:30-4:30pm - Discussion circle

Things you may want to bring:
Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
Intention Item (also known as an altar item- this can be placed on our opening altar and helps solidify what brought you here, maybe something that represents something to you or what you are working on within the Self)

Self investment: $30