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Classes & Pricing 

Yoga Classes

Yin Restorative

This slow, deep tissue opening, restorative class will allow your body to soften and your mind to still. During this 75 minute session we will be utilizing provided props to get our body fully supported in these postures. Some postures may be held for up to 5 minutes.

 Yoga & Meditation

This class starts with slow, gentle movements as we become present in our body. Postures help us let go of stress and tension to make room for focus and flexibility. We begin to draw awareness from the body to a more inward state as we are guided through a relaxing meditation to finish this class. Elements of Yoga Nidra are incorporated to this meditation. During this guided relaxation we will connect mind, body and emotions. You will lie in a comfortable posture where you will remain awake and relaxed. All levels are welcome. No previous experience needed. This is a great class to become more familiar with yoga and meditation or to add to your current practice.

Vinyasa Flow

During this all levels flow we will focus on maintaining breath with movement and core engagement, Beginning and advanced modifications will be given.

Full Moon Flow

Flow into a full moon with this beautiful gentle yoga flow and meditation. A full moon is a time to release what no longer serves us to make room for a new energy into our life. Focusing on this intention as we work to connect mind and body on this beautiful full moon.

Slow Flow

This class connects yoga posture with breath and fluid movement for a well rounded flow practice. Pranayama (breath work), seated warm ups, core engagement, balance, and inversions are incorporated to this practice.